Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Educational class

I have not done well at all with keeping up this blog.  The only reason I am writing on it now is to fulfill a class assingment.  I don't know if anyone even reads this blog anymore.  For those that do, I am going to write a quick summary of what has been going on in the life of the Baileys.  We are still living in Tremonton Utah.  We love it here and so do the kids.  I am on the last leg of my education.  I only have two semesters plus the one I am in right now.  I am doing my practicum at an Elementary school and I love it.  It has been so much fun, just kind of busy going to my classes when I get home.  Jon is one month away from getting his MBA.  He is so excited to have it over with.  Dylan is still doing great.  He loves school and reading.  Livie has loved going to kindergarten this year.  She loves being there and thinks her teacher is the best.  She told me the other day that I will probably be a great teacher, but Mrs. Heath is her favorite.  :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Performances

May has been a month of performances and graduations. First was Livie's spring TaVaci concert. She did such a great job and loved every minute of it. I love that when I tell her to smile she poses for the camera.Next was her dance revue with Dance Factory. She had so much fun and did a perfect job. We were so proud of her.Dylan graduated from kindergarten. He called it "congradulating". He was so excited and sang his songs so well. We loved that he marched up to the stage when his name was called. His teacher Mrs. Esplin and the para Mrs. Stevenson were so wonderful. He loved them and they did so much for him this year. We are so grateful for all of their hard work and the time they spent helping Dylan grow.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dylan's Musings

Dylan answered a questionnaire in his class for Mothers day. It was so cute that I decided to share it. Some of the things he said were right on, others not so much.
He said:
I love my mom because: "She likes to go to church."
My mom loves me because: "She likes to drive me around."
My moms favorite thing to do is: "Read."
My mom looks very pretty when: "She does her hair."
My mom gets the most mad when: "I don't clean up my room."
My mom's favorite thing to eat is: "Salad." (Yeah, right. But I'm glad he thinks that.)

He also has been watching the latest Herbie movie that is called Herbie Fully Loaded. But Dylan calls is "Herbie full of Loadie." Too cute.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hawaii and more

I have been trying to do about one post a month, so I figured I better get on my April post. This has been a great month. I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my brother. It was so amazing. I had never been there before and I treasured every experience. Some highlights of the trip were:
  • Snorkeling. I loved it and I could have done it all day. We saw enormous turtles who could be a tad too friendly, but it was amazing.
  • My first ever massage. It had its weird parts, but I loved how relaxed I felt afterward.
  • Coby's status. This is more of a joke between us, but because of his selling, we were upgraded to a suite and were served breakfast every morning, afternoon tea, and appetizers every evening. I ate way too much.
  • Snorkeling, oh wait, I already mentioned that, but I loved it so much it was worth an extra mention.
  • The volcano. It was a long drive, but it was amazing standing on a live volcano.
  • The dancing. Coby and I are both dancers and one night they had a country dance and we ripped it up. We had to avoid all slow songs, but we rocked the line dancing.
  • The lava tubes. They were incredible to walk through. The volcano was so crazy, one side was a desert and dead and the other side was a lush rain forest.
  • My hair. Okay, not really. My hair would not go straight. I spent one morning straightening it and by the time we got to breakfast, it was curly.
  • The sunsets. They were amazing! I would have loved to share them with Jon.
To finish off, here are a few random pictures. I love this one of Dylan and Livie. They were playing dress up. He was her prince.

This last one is a Sunday nap. Usually Jon is the only one who naps on Sunday, but this time he was the only one awake and had to document the experience.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dylan's 6th Birthday

Dylan had a great birthday this year. He was so excited to turn six because it is only ten years away from sixteen and then he can drive a car. We had a friend party for him the Saturday before his birthday. They made wooden cars, pinned the dog on the firetruck and broke a pinata. They had so much fun.
On his birthday he got the two presents he had been asking for and then we surprised him with a power wheels truck. He was so excited, he couldn't stop shouting yes! He has had so much fun with it.
On a side note, I just had to post the picture of the darling Valentines Day box Jon made Dylan. Dylan was so proud of it and still plays with it.